Thai PP-R piping system.

What is PP-R

PP-R stands for Polypropylene Random Copolymer. PP-R pipe is made from polypropylene plastic that is randomly arranged to improve its chemical and physical properties to be suitable for potable water piping system, hot water pipe, cold water pipe and other piping works.

World class material
All Thai PP-R pipes and joints are made of high quality plastic pellets from Europe to ensure high quality and long life time.

Clean & Safe.
PP-R are the plastic that approved by Green Peace as safe and clean plastic. In addition, the pipe has been tested according to BS 6920 PART II standard to ensure that the pipe is free from rust, sediment deposits, germs, chemicals, and carcinogens.

Homogenized texture.

Installation of Thai PP-R pipes and joints can be easily done by using thermal welding equipment, which fuses
the pipe and the joint into homogeneous texture to ensure no leak at the connection.

Can be used water temperature 95 °C and, long lifetime up to 50 years*

Compatible with other pipes
Various standardized screwed joints and flange system allow Thai PP-R pipe to be used combination with PVC pipe, PE pipe, PB pipe, Steel pipe, Copper pipe, Stainless pipe, Syler PE-Lined steel pipe.


Working Pressure up to 20 bar. (Depending on model)*

SDR 11 Economy Class: working pressure 10 bars
SDR 6 High Pressure Class: working pressure 20 bars
Fiber Composite Pipe SDR 6 Durable Class: working pressure 20 bar (Less linear expansion only 1/3)

Insulation Property
As poly propylene plastic has lower thermal conductivity than steel, Thai PP-R pipe requires much less insulation than a steel pipe does.

Smooth surface
Low friction on the pipe due to smooth plastic surface makes the flow rate comparable to other plastic pipes.


Note: Refer from pages 55-59 The book call PVC Plastic A Looming Stainless Waste Crisis by Wytze G.H. Van der Naald and Beverley G. Thorpe produce by Greenpeace print at April,1998.

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